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2do. Torneo Jaque Mate a la violencia INFANTIL

Last update 21.03.2017 14:14:43, Creator/Last Upload: jagcarmona

Starting rank

1Madrazo Torres Miguel AlejandroMEX1463TOL
2Madrazo Torres GabrielaMEX1055TOL
3Knight Sánchez Mark AlexandreMEX1038TOL
4Vigueras García Axel FernandoMEX1020TOL
5Díaz González Jardón EmmanuelMEX1000TOL
6Díaz González Jardón ShirelMEX1000TOL
7Knight González CaissaMEX1000TOL
8Díaz Camacho Mónica GorettiMEX0TOL
9González Flores JimenaMEX0OCOY
10González del Moral DiegoMEX0TOL
11González del Moral SebastiánMEX0TOL
12Hernández Monroy IllichtMEX0TOL
13López Carrillo JosueMEX0TOL
14Vera Ordoñez Diego TzurielMEX0TOL
15Ángeles Mendoza EmmanuelMEX0TOL