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Campeonato Argentino Sub 20.

Last update 30.03.2017 04:42:54, Creator/Last Upload: fada – comision tecnica argentina

Starting rank

1IMAcosta Pablo Ismael124311ARG2428
2IMVillegas Franco123153ARG2340
3FMZapata Charles Santiago141607ARG2273
4Robledo Cristian133450ARG2202
5Lagar Valentin Alejo133558ARG2181
6Acosta Martin Ezequiel135518ARG2094
7Ono David146943ARG2004
8WIMBesso Guadalupe123161ARG1943
9WCMSuito Nakasone Catherine136360ARG1912
10Galeano Franco146927ARG1741
11Castrignano Nahuel154016ARG1707
12Shon Mariano168122ARG1690
13Lempke Sabrina138533ARG1611
14Rebot Alejandro158674ARG1606
15Montenegro Edelvis120669ARG1515
16Sanz Juan Miguel167495ARG1494
17Rudenko Matias156469ARG1291
18Campos Maria Jose146803ARG0
19Galarza Rodrigo IvanARG0
20Maidana Gonzalo NicolasARG0
21Muller Rocio146811ARG0