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I Torneio Flex Xadrez Paraná - Rating 1900 to 2199

Last update 04.04.2017 04:21:42, Creator/Last Upload: fexpar- federação de xadrez do paraná

Starting rank list of players

2Calcado Acyr Rogerio21011732143
3Acosta Pablo Alejandro1104182046
8Cardoso Pimenta Ciro Jose21185992027
9Tomaz Tainan Pantano21119342019
1Canalli Juliano Jose21496561991
10Goles Giovano21184751978
7Almeida Junior Alvaro Alves De21499741959
6Kruger Israel21420901916
5dos Santos Eduardo Almeida0
4Goles Giovandro21081190
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