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No.TournamentFEDflagLast update
1Rs 90000 Prize Fund PCMC Mayor's Trophy Open Rapid Chess Tournament-15 & 16 Oct [Open Group] Cont-Bhagwat 9371267694 Deshpande 9860024517 Ketan 9822039267 IND
1 Minutes
2Rs 90000/-Prize Fund PCMC Mayor's Trophy Open Rapid Chess Tournament-15 &16 Oct [U-12 Group] Cont-Bhagwat 9371267694 Deshpande 9860024517 Kunte 9881077293 IND
1 Minutes
3Campionatul mun. Chisinau 2016 MDA
1 Minutes
4III Floripa Chess Open 2017 - 20 a 26 de janeiro - ID CBX 3429 - ID FIDE 141687 - R$ 22,000! - SHIROV - Fire on board!! BRA
1 Minutes
5Rapid turnir SOKO 2016-42 Nis; 29.09.2016. 16:45 SRB
3 Minutes
647. Südtiroler Mannschaftsmeisterschaft 2015/16 - Gebietsliga C-Süd ITA
4 Minutes
7B.Spassky Club Open Championship A Открытое первенство шахматного клуба им. Б.Спасского. Турнир A RUS
4 Minutes
8مسابقات هفتگی باشگاه شطرنج نوین رشت 1395/07/08 IRI
5 Minutes
9XXII Torneo Nacional de Ajedrez Etapa Estatal DGETI MEX
8 Minutes
10Geo Federation Cup U10 Girls GEO
9 Minutes
11Divizia B Galati ROU
9 Minutes
12V Juegos Deportivos Plurinacionales "Presidente Evo" Fase Nacional - Nivel Primario - Categoria Varones BOL
10 Minutes
13World Youth Chess Championship 2016 O14 RUS
11 Minutes
14II Torneio Cidade de Barcelos POR
13 Minutes
15Geo Federation Cup U10 Boys GEO
13 Minutes
16Campeonato Equipos Segunda Albacete 2016 ESP
17 Minutes
17Open Cup of the Governor of Leningrad Region 2016 B11 RUS
19 Minutes
18U-19 Gilrs Gujarat State Selection for National Chess Tournament 2016 National at Andhra Pradesh IND
21 Minutes
19Первенство Карелии М13 RUS
23 Minutes
20Final Nacional Juegos Deportivos Escolares. Varones CHI
26 Minutes
21Final Nacional Juegos Deportivos Escolares. Damas CHI
26 Minutes
22Hong Kong Autumn Blitz Tournament 2016  HKG
27 Minutes
23World Youth Chess Championship 2016 G18 RUS
27 Minutes
24Кубок СШОР " Юность Москвы-2016" 1 этап RUS
29 Minutes
25DCA Below 1600 FIDE Rated Chess Tournament-2016, 01-03 Oct 2016, Ludlow Castle Sports Complex, New Delhi Prize Fund : 11 Lac Contact: 9891468906 IND
29 Minutes
26I Open Sub 2200 "Ceo Puerto Cabras 2016" ESP
29 Minutes
27Marosi Tibor Memorial 2016 Rapid HUN
31 Minutes
28Campeonato Nacional de Ajedrez Universitario Femenino NCA
32 Minutes
29Campeonato Nacional de Ajedrez Universitario Absoluto NCA
33 Minutes
30UAE Individual Chess Championship for Men 2016 UAE
33 Minutes
31Кубок Губернатора Ленинградской области. Мальчики до 9 лет RUS
36 Minutes
32Steirische Landesliga 2016/2017 AUT
39 Minutes
33SVK BA 3. liga A1 2016/17 SVK
40 Minutes
34Campeonato Niteroiense de Xadrez - 2016 BRA
40 Minutes
352nd RAIL WHEEL FACTORY INTERNATIONAL FIDE RATED OPEN CHESS TOURNAMENT, BANGALORE Prize fund 5 lakh 152 Trophies Call Rajeev Bhatt @9845226786 or www.rwfchess.com IND
41 Minutes
36Geo Federation Cup U12 Boys GEO
41 Minutes
371st Rapid Open Chess Tournament Of Khoy - Pouryaye Vali Cup 1395 29-30 September 2016, Khoy IRI
42 Minutes
38III FESTIVAL MEJORANDO MI ELO SUB 1800 Inscripciones abiertas! Inf. Correo: geberdiaz@gmail.com VEN
42 Minutes
39Grand-prix Dvorets, 7th stage Group A 1800 и выше международный рейтинг FIDE RUS
44 Minutes
40Grand-prix Dvorets, 7th stage Group B 1500-1800 международный рейтинг FIDE RUS
44 Minutes
41Grand-prix Dvorets, 7th stage Group D до 1300 международный рейтинг FIDE RUS
44 Minutes
42VII Latvian Railway 2016th chess championship (employees) LAT
44 Minutes
43III FESTIVAL MEJORANDO MI ELO SUB 1400 Inscripciones abiertas! Inf. Correo: geberdiaz@gmail.com VEN
44 Minutes
44Grand-prix Dvorets, 7th stage Group C 1300-1500 международный рейтинг FIDE RUS
45 Minutes
45World Youth Chess Championship 2016 G16 RUS
46 Minutes
46XIII Calvia Amateur Open ESP
47 Minutes
473-ти турнир купа "Плевен XXI" 3rd chess tournament "Pleven XXI" Cup BUL
48 Minutes
48Grand-prix Dvorets, 6th stage Group D до 1300 международный рейтинг FIDE RUS
48 Minutes
49Первенство Карелии М15 RUS
51 Minutes
50Okresní přebor družstev okresu Opava 2016 - 2017 CZE
1 Hours 1 Min.